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On the web since 2010" was only a game and a challenge in the past. Over time, I realized that toghether with a team, I can do significance and dynamic activities for the old bicycle enthusiasts"

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Bicycle everywhere

It is a pleasure to walk through lesser known places and see her image, beautiful bicycle. I can`t go on, without taking a picture and remember it later. The photos are generally our past image, worth preserved and show to the world, just so we can write the history. I am living in a world on two wheels, increasingly concerned for health, demonstrates by its people that I can write and show nice things about it.  You can do it for your colorful soul, I have already begun.

Bicycles of Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej town



We present Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej town called on communist period 1965-1990, currently Onesti city, where old bicycles are parked in front of Cinema Oituz. This view is from the OldBicycleRo cyclist library, section views, were appears old bikes.


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