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Pegas Practic 3120, mixt




The youth bicycle Pegas PRACTIC mixt, was produced at the plant ,, 6 March" in Zărnești city, Brasov county. This bike could be purchased in 1984, according to ciclieste library, with the sum 1920 lei. The bikes Pegas COMODA and PRACTIC can be run by children, adolescents and adults. The price for Pegas COMODA was 1690 lei, bringing PRACTIC model on the lead.

Full specs

Type: Pegas Practic 3120, mixt
Color: Red
Symbol from Catalog: B10
Tire Size (inch): 20x1,75
Frame height (mm): 405
User (year): more than 10
Year of presented model: Unknown
Year of removing from production: Unknown


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